Just as revealing as Speedos.

January 02nd, 2013 at 04:22 am

I used to be a fan of wrestling. I thought of it as the only soap opera that I could bear. I guess it’s because it had some action, and me, as a woman, poking fun at some of them in their wrestling singlets as it shows every curve that they have. Some reduced possibly due to steroid use, but I digress.

But I never understood why they’d want to wear something that tight. Is it because they have an idea that there are many female wrestling fans and is trying to show off what they (don’t) have? I dunno.

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I personally have never been intrested in wresling, but i have watched a few matches or so if people have it on. i agree with the outfits, its an intresting choice – the tiny undies hehe they are silly! maybe it just plays into the theatrics and get the girls involved? ever watch MMA, now that i can handle~!

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