A New Twist on an Old Event

A New Twist on an Old Event

It’s that time of year again! Atlantica Online is known for Santa Villa, an event to end all events. Basically, you are given a key to go into a dungeon, you kill shit, they drop shit, you turn that shit in and get really good shit. I know, I said a lot of “shit”.

However, the past couple of years have been met with disinterest and general what-the-fuckery regarding this event. Last year, we were given a 4 billion-gold Hwarang, a C rank merc, that can be obtained in game through a REPEATABLE quest. That was a Grinch moment to the max. The preceding year was a skirmish-type event which eventually had level 140+ non-Christmassy mobs joining my fight and anally violating my level 11x-12x formation. So what could Nexon possibly do to redeem themselves?

Probably nothing, but give us Holy Town.

Holy Town is Santa Villa in disguise. You get a key, you kill shit, they drop shit, and you turn that shit into…fairly decent shit. You can also play a slot game with some of the drops (Christmas Stockings) and get mounts, decorations, and clothing.

So it sounds pretty good on paper, right?

It actually isn’t too bad. While I would’ve wished that they added new stuff in for this event instead of reviving the Ghosts of Santa Villas’ Past, there really isn’t much you can say is bad. The mobs are easy to kill (which was an issue with their anniversary event; if you weren’t geared with +10 everything, you probably were gonna have issues), even if there are a fuck ton of mini-bosses in one fight. The drop rate on some things makes it nigh impossible to get certain items by the end of the event (January 8th), but as this is the first week, things can get adjusted.

The biggest issue I have with this event is the slot game. It’s because you can get multiple of things, and you can only put one in your collection book (as of today, you can’t put ANY of it in your collection book). So far, I’ve gotten 5 Santa Hats and 2 Santa Swimsuits (yes, you heard me right; swimsuits). If this is indication of my luck, I’ll have a warehouse full of shit I have no use for. Did I mention they’re non-trade? So no way of putting them on alts either. MajorasWrath would look AWESOME in it.

The best part of this event (thus far) is the party 2x exp. It only happens once a month, but we have it for a WHOLE MONTH! Yay for gaining 2x exp!

Anyways, that’s my thoughts for the time being. By the way, Atlantica Online is a turn-based MMORPG. It is unique in the sense that you control a team of 8 characters (called mercs) and yourself (called main). If you are interested in trying it out, I am Yvitini on Mycenae.

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