Genderbent: The Other Side

Genderbent: The Other Side

When I started playing MMO’s, I felt more comfortable playing a female character. It makes sense since, you know…I am a girl. I met both guys and girls who would play characters that were of not of their real gender. I would always ask a guy playing a female character (which my husband does quite often) and the answer has always been the same–“better to look at another girl’s ass while I play”.

Which is quite valid.

Skip to playing on Epic. My first character was a female assassin (I hate sins, but wanted an easy farming char to start out with). My second? A male archer named Mikau (there’s a theme to a couple of my characters’ names). Why did I do it? For two reasons: Perfect World Winged Elves look better male, and for something new. I didn’t think about the whole “not getting hit on as a male character” thing. The thought didn’t even come to me. I just did it because…I felt like it!

The only caveat about being a genderbent character is simply when others call me by my character’s pronoun (he/him/his). Or “sir”, which is a favorite among the Asian population. Does it annoy me? No, but I do let them know that I am a female in real life. Mostly to not have conversations become awkward when I mention my husband. Most who have been around the server since I’ve been around is aware of the lady behind Mikau and Darunia (my cleric, think you can see the theme here).

It felt weird at first, I’ll admit, but it’s not so bad, and now I can understand G.I.R.L venos.

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